Objective: ​Providing an opportunity for project participants to meet and discuss their results, create synergies and generate new ideas for further developments in the use of results.

​BRE is provided to a group of projects. It envisages training and coaching on “How to present exploitable result to potential investors, business partners, other relevant stakeholders” followed by a pitching session in front of an audience of peers, experts and potential investors.

Outcomes: ​For the selected KERs consortia will get:
  • Informal networking with other projects, experts and investors;
  • A short an effective presentation of your results, tested and validated by an international panel of experts;
  • Customised recommendations on how to improve the pitch.

Mode of Work: ​Expert works with the projects on a remote base to prepare the event helping them in identifying the KER’s value proposition. the day before the event, participants will receive:
  • Training on “how to pitch R&D results”;
  • One to one coaching to fine-tune content of your presentation

During the event each participant will be given 5 minutes to “pitch” followed by a Q&A session from the audience. The event can include presentations of programmes and opportunities provided by the EC for follow-up activities


Better if requested at the end of project life, when KER are identified and characterised.