Objective: ​to assist partners in developing a business plan for exploiting their results, up to including solutions for financing needs.

​The BDP service extends the support in helping projects to develop a business plan, from the very drafting phase, when the exploitation model needs to be identified, up to including options for financing needs and/or coaching on how to successfully present the exploitation concept.

Outcomes: ​As result of the services, together with the service report project partners will get:
  • The Lean Canvas for the KERs finalized;
  • The content for a pitching to potential investors and/or business partners prepared and simulated;
  • A set of recommendations on steps to be performed after the end of the EC support.

Mode of Work: ​Expert works with the project on a remote base for a first review of current documents or of the latest release of the BP. A new release will be co-developed with the concerned partners during a one-day meeting, best if attached to a consortium meeting. During the meeting the Lean canvas of the KERs will be finalised and, if requested, pitch of the selected results prepared and simulatedThe expert works and interacts with the project on a remote base.


Better if requested in the second half of the project life, after the mid-term review.