Objective: ​To brainstorm and discuss on how the projects address exploitation opportunities, risks and potential obstacles, enhance the team awareness on the importance of connecting with customers and better communicating project results.

​The ESS includes the PRA and adds a one-day seminar. The expert acts as facilitator for the partners to work together on exploitation related issues. Before the workshop, to prepare themselves, participants will get a report with the needed background information.

Outcomes: ​For a selection of exploitable results (KERs), project partners will get a Synthesis report (see PRA) and a draft PUDF (under FP7) or Exploitation plan (under H2020).

Mode of Work: ​Expert works with the project on a remote base to prepare the seminar, as in the PRA. Interacts with partners during the physical meeting. Agenda and specific content (how to pitch) are agreed with the project coordinator when the service starts. Content can vary according to the maturity of the project..


Better if organised after month 12. Usually attached to a consortium meeting.