Objective: ​to identify risks and potential obstacles to the future exploitation of project results.
​PRA will help partners to better answer questions like:
  • Which exploitable results do the project partners aim to generate?
  • What form(s) can the exploitation of these results take (needs for up-scaling, direct industrial use, license agreement, contract research, service provision, standards, etc.)?
  • Which conditions will need to be fulfilled to enable the exploitation of the results: cost of implementation and ease of obtaining investment capital or loans; market prospects/user demands; access to markets and position in the business value chain, legal, normative or ethical requirements; availability of adequately trained staff, public acceptance, etc.?
  • What are the risks to tackle first and which actions needs to be agreed?
Outcomes: ​For a selection of exploitable results (KERs) project partners will get a report containing, for each KER, its characterisation (a compelling description including the form(s) the exploitation of these results take, a map with the main risks and a list of interventions to lower those risks, a set on recommendations which are of direct relevance to the project.
Mode of Work: ​The expert works and interacts with the project on a remote base.


Better in project early stage, when KERs not yet well defined.